Join me for a deep, spiritual practice that is also a joyous and fun celebration! Kīrtan is a form of devotional chanting with instrumental accompaniment that has enjoyed widespread popularity in India for many centuries. Drawing on my 30+ years as a musician and my dedication to the power of Sanskrit mantra as a path to enlightenment, I strive to create music that connects effectively to the love, compassion, and wisdom that is our true nature as infinite consciousness. A kīrtan concert with me can take many forms, ranging from very traditional, with just harmonium and tabla, to a full band that rocks out with bass, drum kit, guitars, etc., and everything in between. The most common venues for kīrtan are yoga studios, which are usually ticketed events and/or charity benefits, but I do special events for spiritual communities and private house parties as well. I can also be found at kīrtan and sacred music festivals around the US.

Check out the events page on this site to see my upcoming schedule. You can also visit the contact page if you are interested in booking me for an event.

I am also available to provide live chanting and music for yoga classes, ranging from meditative (restorative and gentle classes) to groovy (vinyāsa). I usually do these events as a solo performer and all-acoustic, to keep the volume level down to where the teacher can be heard, but in certain circumstances, where the teacher has access to a headset microphone, I've done classes with a full band. I usually work directly with the yoga teacher to develop a program for the class where the mantras I chant will intertwine with the āsana sequences to create profound openings for the students. If desired, I can also teach the class a short mantra and lead them in chanting 108 repetitions.

Check out the events page on this site to see my upcoming schedule. You can also visit the contact page if you are interested in booking me for an event.

Experience the creation of a divine structure of pure consciousness energy! Combining the sacred sound vibration of Sanskrit chants, Himalayan singing bowls, drums, gongs, and more, to build a connection point between Earth and the Infinite Cosmos! Cosmic Sound Maṇḍala is a a collaboration by Ian Boccio and Margo Gomes to create sacred sound immersions that facilitate healing and consciousness expansion. Each CSM immersion is themed around a different aspect of divine consciousness and is designed to create specific changes in the energy flow of the listeners. These sound immersions are perfect for relaxing into meditation, and the audience is invited to join in and chant the various mantras that are interspersed through the program.

Please visit for more information and to purchase tickets to CSM events.

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